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Clients and Friends

For the last few years I had some extrodinary people book photo shoots with Ravenwolfe Photography. Many of them are featured on this site. Whenever possible I've tried to provide liks to thier Facebook page or web site as a way supporting and promoting them. If you see your photo posted without a name or a link assosiated with please let me know! I'll add the information directly!

Even among the amazing people I've had the priviage to work there are some names that deserve special mention. These clients have booked multiple photos shoots over the past 3 years, posted numerous photos on Facebook and on their websites, some have hired me to photograph their events, Featured me for their promotional campaigns, CD's and some have even hired me to do their layout, artwork, and design work.

These clients will be featured on this site over the course of 2014. All I can say is THANK YOU! I love working with you all and I'm extremely proud of the work we continue to create. I am honored to call you friends.

Jaylee and Frank Labello

Sarah Wood

Zehara Nachash

Tony WIlliams and the Tony WIlliams Dance Center

Kellianna Girouard

John Muratore

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