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I was looking for a photographer who understood movement and music and who could work in less than perfect lighting. Capturing a dancer at the right moment in a live show is not as easy as we think - I learned this the hard was with less skilled photographers. I was also a little tight on budget and hoped for a fair price. Peter gave me everything I hoped for a whole lot more. He arrived early to the show and was sweet, calm, and uplifting. His encouraging words were completely unexpected, helpful, and far beyond the call of duty. I felt like he came and wanted to be part of the team pulling the show to be it's best. Amazing spirit. After the show when the images arrived I was blown away and so emotionally moved. Peter's creativity and skill captured moments I did not even know happened. He validated my experience and provided a keepsake of a truly special moment in my life. I will cherish the images Peter took my whole life. I will never forget working with him and the show that he captured. Great photographers, I have come to feel, are magical. They give the past life right here in the present. Thank you, Peter, for your magical skills. Oh, price and lighting, 2 early concerns, were non issues as he was very fair and the shots came out amazing as I said. I hope we work together again soon.


- Aurel



"Modeling for Peter Paradise is a pleasure.  The way he works is as gentle as his eye is sharp, and his art is specific yet organic.  He tends to his vision, the model, the scene and the after-effects, as a gardener to a flower, and his production is as beautiful as nature's own petals.  Working with him is a collaboration, and the entire time I'm in front of his camera he lets me do as I do, only just suggesting improvements to my very whim.  The picture itself is something we forge together, my being and his vision, and it can be as deliberate or as candid as I choose in the moment.  His passion is in capturing essences, and in finding the glow inside this body, whether it is shrouded in layers or bare skin."



"It's in the eyes.  He sees mine with his, and he makes sure the finished product makes mine a direct mirror to my soul. He is equal to his task, whether to record my sorrow, my joy, my play, my whim, and maybe someday my vows.  He sees beauty, and his task is to make sure we see it as much as he does.  To top that, his ability to capture, edit, effect and print his pieces are the height of professional ability.  He is an artist and a friend, and I look forward to being in front of his camera for many many years to come."


- Avens O'Brien


GOOD LORD MAN, your photographic work leaves me speechless so often, I am almost used to it. And then I see a new shot and I'm stupefied all over again. It takes tremendous self-posession to be able to see the heart of the subjects you work with - and I can only assume that you must have great depth yourself to take the wonder that every human being is and show it with care and honor and great beauty.


-Krista Sassani


“I don't even know what to say... I'm speechless.  These photos take my breath away.  They are absolute perfection, exactly what I dreamed of...I don't know how I'll choose just 20.  Simply amazing, I could cry.  So so beautiful, thank you so very much.  

I will treasure these photos forever!


-Jessica Lee LoBello


I am incredibly blessed to be able to explore different facets of myself as an artist, performer, dancer through photography. Every time I do a photo shoot, I learn more about myself as a dancer, which in turn allows me to evolve as a performer. Thank you to Peter Paradise Michaels for your incredible vision and talent. You often refer to me as your muse..... well you are my muse as well. Your photography is a constant inspiration to me, and I am a better dancer and performer because of you.


-Aria Michaels Paradise

















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